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双语数学教师 Mathematics Teacher(青年教师)/









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OBJECTIVES Huili School Hangzhou is seeking an experienced School Mathematics Teacher. The Mathematics Teacher works to provide education to the Primary and/or JH pupils based on the Wellington College philosophy and ethos. The Mathematics Teacher must support each individual pupil’s growth and development, encouraging them as Wellingtonians to be inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. The teachers must demonstrate an understanding of the wider curriculum and administration needs of the school, and achieve high standards by responding professionally, sensitively and caringly to the needs of the pupils. MAIN PURPOSE To assume responsibility for teaching mathematics and Natural Science in the Primary and/or JH School, under the direction of the Head of Maths, Head of Primary and the Head of JH and by following the Wellington College curriculum. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: The successful candidate will play a key role in the development of Mathematics and Natural Science Curriculum at Wellington College in Hangzhou. The College is looking for a candidate who would relish the challenge of establishing the subject in a new school. The teacher will ensure that the subject is delivered in a way that provides coverage, progression and continuity by effectively working with an international teaching partner. The teacher will also be required to carry out other such duties as the Head of Primary or the Deputy Head of Primary may reasonably direct from time to time. He/she is expected to display the highest standards of professionalism in his/her teaching and in his/her relationships with colleagues and parents. The teacher must ensure that an excellent learning environment is provided for the learning of Mathematics, and that the students develop a positive attitude to the subject within the College. The teacher must present lessons in a structured and co-ordinated manner with due regard to the ability of the students and the curriculum targets of the particular year group. Teaching and Learning 1. Contribute to the holistic well-being of all pupils and specifically to those assigned to your individual care. 2. Make all students aware of the Wellington College Mission Statement, values and Identity-based including the Eight Aptitudes model of education, their values, aims, and display them in an innovative and informative fashion in the classroom and adjacent corridors. 3. Teach Mathematics and Natural Science lessons independently. 4. Undertake class management as a class teacher. 5. Complete teaching plans on time and to a high standard through collaboration with an international co-teacher. 6. Participate in co-planning meetings with international and Chinese teachers. Contribute ideas during discussions. 7. Monitor and evaluate constantly the effectiveness of your own teaching, maintaining good standards of practice and ensuring progression. Work collaboratively and effectively with an International teaching partner. 8. Participate fully in the Staff Appraisal system, with classroom observation of colleagues and a willingness to be personally observed within the classroom. Submit books, records or planning as required for monitoring by colleagues or the Head of Mathematics. 9. Be involved in developing, implementing and monitoring all College policies regarding Mathematics, and to assist in the necessary documentation pertaining to the subject, where required by the Head of Mathematics. 10. Assist with the resourcing of Mathematics for the Primary School, and work with the Head of Primary and the Deputy Head of Primary in drawing up the annual order. 11. Apply consistently and diligently the rules of the College in order to maintain discipline, standards of dress and to safeguard the happiness, safety and well-being of all students. To ensure that students know, understand and follow the College rules. 12. Provide opportunities for the community to be involved in pupils’ and setting success. Home-School communication 1. Make parents feel welcome and build good relationship with parents. 2. Introduce information regarding to Primary Mathematics curriculum. 3. Collect information of pupils’ interests and growth from parents. 4. Stimulate pupils’ study by making use of parents’ strength. 5. Provide consultations and support to parents’ enquiries. 6. Share students’ information provided by parents with co-teachers. 7. Communicate with parents on a regular basis, as directed by the Head of Mathematics, the Deputy Head of Primary and the Head of Primary. 8. Attend Parents’ Meetings as required and provide accurate, honest information regarding the progress of individuals in Mathematics. 9. Report to the parents in the form of regular written reports, and when may be additionally required by the Head of Primary. Professional Integrity 1. Be positive and build good relationship with colleagues. 2. Complete tasks on time. 3. Provide cover for absent colleagues as and when deemed necessary by the Deputy Head of Primary and the Head of Primary. 4. Play a full role in the weekly extra-curricular activities programme. The programme will take place outside of the prescribed teaching hours, as directed by the Head of the Primary. 5. Make a significant contribution to College assemblies, and newsletters, and by so doing highlight the work carried out by students in the subject. 6. Promote an ethos of equality and equal opportunities for all pupils within the setting. 7. Protect privacy of pupils, pupils’ families and colleagues. 8. Maintain the highest standards of care, child protection and safeguarding at all times 9. Emphasize the importance of safety and of safe methods of working in the classroom, and indeed in all areas of the College and the curriculum. Communicate to the students that they must take a responsible attitude to equipment and materials, with which they have been provided, and that they will be punished and possibly charged for damage inflicted upon College property. 10. Carry out duties in the Primary School as required and timetabled by the Head of Primary. This will include playtime supervision, lunchtime supervision and after-school supervision. 11. Maintain, with the rest of the teaching staff, high standards of conduct both in and out of the classroom. Act always in a way that conforms to the College ethos and values, and is in the best interests of the students. 12. Set high expectations and standards for the achievement of pupils and your personal performance. 13. Contribute as fully as possible to the annual calendar of College events, in whatever way possible. Professional Development 1. Be familiar with the recent development of Primary Mathematics teaching theory and practice. 2. Improve yourself through continuous study and be willing to try new ideas. 3. Be willing to accept others’ good ideas and share your opinions. 4. Frequently reflects on your work and share your experience with an international teaching partner and other colleagues. 5. Support the College Development Plan generally and in so far as it relates to Mathematics. 6. Attend and participate fully in Wellington College Staff Development and INSET programmes. 7. Attend staff meetings and briefings as and when required by the Head of Primary, the Deputy Head of Primary and the Head of Mathematics.




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