双语幼儿园助教 / EYs Teaching Assistant


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双语幼儿园助教 / EYs Teaching Assistant/





职责描述: basic information 1. job title: early years teaching assistant 2. department: academic 3. supervisor: teacher/coordinator/deputy head of eys /head of eys/master 4. main purpose: to support class teachers in the education and care of children (2-6 years old). 5. objective: to join an innovative early year’s program that supports each pupil’s growth and development, encouraging them as wellingtonians to be inspired, intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive. program and practice key responsibilities: 1. contribute to a program underpinned by an image of a strong and capable child. 2. assist teachers in setting up a classroom program that fosters independence, inquiry and learning progression. 3. demonstrate an interest and ability in using the early years foundation stage eyfs to guide practice. 4. support teachers with documentation via learning stories, reflective journals, transcribing pupil’s work, observations and narratives. 5. support the class team by contributing to reflective sessions. 6. use technology with children as a tool for learning, organising ideas and sharing with the wider community. 7. take advantage of serendipitous happenings and be flexible enough to extend learning at these times. care and wellbeing of children: 1. ensure each child has a sense of belonging within the classroom. 2. adhere to student-to-teacher ratios throughout the day. 3. maintain the highest standards of care, child protection and safeguarding at all times by upholding the 3ps: protection, provision and participation as outlined in un convention on the rights of the child. families: 1. understand the importance of building authentic relationships with families, knowing such understandings can lead to greater learning outcomes for children. 2. communicate with families and the wider community about the program, including through the preparation of workshops, online platforms and parent meetings. environment: 1. maintain an ordered, inviting and beautiful classroom environment. 2. assist in the ordering of resources to support and extend learning in the classroom, the learning spaces and community. professionalism: 1. have a willingness to learn about pedagogical practices that may be unfamiliar. 2. attend all team meetings and committees as necessary and take on portfolio responsibilities within the team. 3. adhere to all procedures and policies as outlined in the staff handbook. 任职要求: basic qualification 1. education: diploma/ bachelor’s degree /first aid 2. major: early childhood education 3. language: mandarin and english experience working experience: international teaching experience in early childhood an advantage. recent ec graduates may apply, as placements will be counted towards experience. preferred aptitudes: 1. commitment to lifelong learning. 2. strong ability to embrace change. 3. confident in microsoft office (excel and powerpoint) and database systems. 4. ability to work to tight timelines. 5. personal integrity, accountability and credibility. 6. strong mind-set for continuous improvement to meet or exceed expectations.




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